The goal of What I Do Dot NET.net is to allow businesses and those who
promote themselves as a business, doctors, real estate agents, and
attorneys; the chance to explain their back-story, the reason why they
have committed large sums of money and their total emotional commitment
of themselves and their families to do what they are doing.

It is sometimes difficult to decide which business to use. Why? How can we decide
based upon a name or a few words of advertising? Maybe when we understand the
story behind it, we will know which one to choose.

This website is completing the move to an all Linux server as well as Linux desktops.

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Society/Accurate Information & Distribution

You will find that each business has a single page. It will contain the name of the business including some statistical information and several photos and an MP3 audio interview that is about 10 minutes in length.

The interview may be downloaded by right-clicking your mouse for listening at a more convenient time..

For ease of the owner, most interviews may be recorded as a phone interview using a professional facility.

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